iRubric Gradebook

iRubric Gradebook


Grading with iRubric is easy as 1-2-3.  iRubric introduced the Click2Grade technology as a part of its iconic gradebook within the RCampus platform.  Now iRubric is available in many shapes and forms, including as an add-on to your LMS, or as a standalone gradebook.

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rubric iRubric Gradebook Standalone

With iRubric, grading becomes easy, efficient and integrated. Instructors can access rubrics directly from the class gradebook, pick any student’s assignment, and simply click off each cell. iRubric will automatically calculate the grades and save them.


rubric iRubric Gradebook LTI

iRubric Gradebook is compatible with LTI-enabled learning management systems, making it even easier for educators to seamlessly incorporate iRubric into their online classrooms. 


rubric iRubric Gradebook Personal

Individual educators who want iRubric Gradebook for their own classes can start instantly with the Personal Edition


“iRubric is so easy  I actually

enjoy grading for the first time.”


iRubric Gradebook is:


Crystal Clear Communication

iRubric Gradebook helps students succeed by providing instructors with a tool that allows them to effectively communicate their expectations, and students understand their grades in a meaningful way.


Collective Knowledge

Save countless hours of work and effort through a rich gallery of over 500,000 user-generated rubrics that can easily be re-used and re-purposed.


Quick Grading

With iRubric’s Click2Grade technology, students are quickly graded, scores are automatically calculated, and instantly saved in your gradebook, eliminating countless hours of busy work. 


Academic Freedom

iRubric empowers educators to evaluate students based on the outcomes that they think are important without having to do extra assessment work for the administration.     


What iRubric Gradebook Does:

iRubric Gradebook enables instructors to grade student assignments online using interactive rubrics , while simultaneously collecting data for student learning outcomes. iRubric automatically calculates the scores and saves them in the gradebook, and the data is also aggregated and presented in various reports for detailed analysis of student learning outcomes, key performance measures, and overall institutional effectiveness.


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Licensing Options

iRubric offers all industry options including hosted cloud/SaaS, hosted virtual dedicated, hosted dedicated, and on-premise.  Please see more here.


Custom Pricing

We work very closely with institutions to offer the best pricing possible while maintaining the highest level of support and usage.  Please see more here.


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