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The First LMS with Built-in Rubrics

Establish an online presence for your courses with RCampus Learning Management System. Our fully-featured platform lets you to manage course materials, share resources, evaluate with quizzes and grades, measure with authentic assessments, facilitate communication, and interact with students in a centralized location. Designed by educators, it has been extensively classroom-tested, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in teaching and learning activities through a secure and intuitive user-interface. RCampus is fully compliant with FERPA and along with similar privacy regulations, it provides a safe environment for students of all ages.

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club Integrated iRubric Assessments

RCampus LMS  is fully integrated with the iRubric Gradebook so with a few simple clicks, rubrics are instantly shared, efficiently graded, automatically calculated and entered in the gradebook.

club Time-Saving Tools

Our tools are easy-to-use, quick to set-up, and highly secure so teachers can spend more time focusing on their students’ learning and growth.

club Easy Communication

With multiple areas for communication, students and teachers can easily get in touch with each other for any questions, feedback, and announcements.  


Adopt RCampus LMS for your Institution:

1. Licensing Options

RCampus offers all industry options including hosted cloud/SaaS, hosted virtual dedicated, hosted dedicated, and on-premise.  Please see more here.

2. Custom Pricing

We work very closely with institutions to offer the best pricing possible while maintaining the highest level of support and usage.  Please see more here.

3. Contact us:

Simply contact us here for a demo and pricing.