Small School Edition

Optimizing the eLearning Experience with Innovation


Small School Edition offers the ideal environment for small educational institutions, including professional training programs, trade schools, and small colleges and universities. This edition provides comprehensive education solutions that make it easy for owners, educators, and administrators to build an online presence and efficiently manage learning, assessments, and outcomes. With all of the IT work taken care of, more time and focus can be spent on providing quality educational experiences.  Best of all, RCampus requires little to no training, it is easily adopted by instructors and greatly appreciated by students.

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club Perfect for All Learners

Small School Edition is perfect for any small institutions

  • Elementary and Secondary
  • Higher education, colleges and university
  • Professional Training and trade schools
  • Faith-based schools
  • Corporations with training and assessment needs
  • Homeschoolers
  • Anyone who needs an LMS


club Feature Rich

Select all or choose what you need and add or remove modules at any time.


“Rcampus has been extremely useful in my classroom. It has saved me tremendous amounts of time, and the students really like using the Rcampus system.

Thank you for such a well-designed system.”

Mark Bowman, Instructor, South Branch Career and Technical Center, WVDE Office of Instructional Technology


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club Benefits of RCampus Small School Edition

Scalable Easy Access

Our tools are fully web-based, there’s nothing to download or install. All you need is an internet browser.


Free Pay as you Grow

Blocks of users can be purchased at any time, making it quick and easy to expand your school or organization.  


Comprehensive Flexible Usage

Use one module or a combination of the LMS, ePortfolio, etc. 


Easy Easy-to Use

RCampus is an intuitive platform so virtually no training is needed.


Life-long  Simple Payment Options

With options for monthly or annual payments, RCampus makes it easy to manage your budget. 


Turnkey Turnkey, Self-Service:

Getting started is easy; simply sign up here and start using today! 

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